Motivational quotes for victory

In ancient times when kings used to rule, expanding their kingdoms by war was considered to be the sacred duty of the kings. A king was considered to be of divine origin and an embodiment of virtue and valor. There were many rulers who showed extraordinary valor in the battle field which made them famous personalities of history. Their words were a source of inspiration to the soldiers in the battle field. They risked their lives to carry on the orders of their king inspired by their soul stirring speeches. These speeches of rulers are used sometimes for good reasons and sometime for selfish purposes.

Napoleon is one such ruler who has a great command over his soldiers and a ruler of exceptional qualities. He lost his command over France many times and at one time was driven away from France. But he persevered and regained control of France and became a conqueror. His words come out of his experience in the battle field. He says that victory belongs to the most persevering. His motivational quotes like these inspired both soldiers and kings alike.

Today there are no kings and battles for the sake of expansion. But these words of Napoleon are true if they are taken in the right sense. Perseverance is a great quality that helps if one wants to climb up the ladder of success. Such Motivational quotes definitely lead one to victory.